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Cooking with Collagen

Collagen supports health, wellness and beauty, and while most fans throw a couple of teaspoons into their coffee or water bottle, this incredible protein can be added into your food as well!

Collagen is flavourless and won’t affect the taste of what’s on your plate, and – because collagen’s nutritional value doesn’t change when exposed to high temperatures – it’s also safe to cook and bake with.

Looking for new ways to increase your collagen intake with zero fuss? Want to give your favourite homemade treats a healthy boost? Here are just a few of the ways our team loves to incorporate collagen into our foods:

  • Mix a teaspoon into natural Greek yogurt
  • Add it into homemade sauces or gravies – or throw it in with store-bought sauces while cooking
  • Sprinkle it over your morning cereal or porridge
  • Blend it into your post-workout smoothie
  • Throw a heaped tablespoon or two into the bowl the next time you make cupcakes or cookies
  • Dust it over your favourite ice cream
  • Sift it into your favourite recipe when baking bread
  • Add a dash into soups or broths
  • Pepper over mashed potato or mac-and-cheese
  • Pop a pinch on top of crackers, stacked with cheese and sliced tomato

Seriously. You can add collagen to pretty much any dish you can think of – so why not make every food a SUPERFOOD with a little dash of your body’s favourite protein?

We’d love to see how you’re adding collagen to your meals, home baking, smoothies and recipes! Share your pics on Instagram and tag us @halo.nutrition.